Seminars and Workshops

Jenna and Melissa run workshops aimed at both professionals and parents to educate and empower those seeking to support children to adolescence who have an autism spectrum disorder. Workshops available for registration of interest are below.

Professional’s Workshop - Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder                                    


A day workshop designed for professionals working in various settings (i.e. medical professionals, teachers, SSOs, kindergarten and child care carers,) on the detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder, including common traits, female versus male presentations, detection in very young children and high functioning forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


To educate professionals in the identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders and to thereby promote the benefits of detection.

Parental and Professional workshop: The Links between Language and Behaviour

“Encouraging Communication and Reducing Challenging Behaviours in Young Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.”                                                                                                                                                


Melissa and Jenna present a 1-day workshop aimed at training parents (and potential therapists) in behaviour management techniques and social/communication supports for young children (under 5 years) with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. This workshop also introduces an integration of developmental curriculum (teaching young children new skills) within a naturalistic environment.


Our goal is to train parents/caregivers and any interested individuals (including potential therapists) in behaviour and communication supports. The workshop will involve;

  • A brief overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • The theory and practical application of various behaviour and communication strategies
  • The implementation of a developmental curriculum within a natural environment.

Attendees would be provided with a copy of power point slide notes and be given practical demonstrations of therapy. Small groups or open floor question/discussion times will be encouraged.

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Additionally Melissa and Jenna have developed a multitude of workshops on request, should you, your school or community have individual needs or areas of interest.