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"What happened was; Jenna met Melissa and Melissa met Jenna and the Autism Spectrum Disorder community was never quite the same again". We talk about how we are quite opposite to each other; Jenna is so creative, passionate and thinks outside of the box and Melissa is structured, the analyzer and is super organised. We are the perfect balance for each other and so have always made a very special team. Not only did we quickly become work colleges who respected and learnt from each other, but we are also best friends.

"Through our blogs, videos, products and services, you will be able to learn more about development and more about your specific story, the behaviours you see as well as receiving practical wisdom from us and professionals that we have the pleasure of working with."



Continuum-Jenna-Mel12Hi all, I am Jenna, one of the minds that became one to create continuum network. I am the Speech Pathologist of the team. About me? Well to tell you about me I would have to start with who I am. I am (in no particular order) a Mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague and a Speech Pathologist. Many people within the world’s population could use this same list with a variation or two. So what should you know about me that makes me who I am? I am sensitive; as in tuned into others, tapped on to what is going on in my and other’s environments as well as within my wider community, kind of sensitive. I have always been this way. Because of my sensitivities I am a devoted and besotted Mum and wife, and I am a Speech Pathologist who advocates for and guides my little people fiercely. Yes it does also mean I have cried each and every time I have watched love actually (more than I care to share) and every Friday when I watch a Grey's Anatomy episode,  so my heart is perpetually on my sleeve.

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Couple this with my desire to create and experiment with ideas, explore new opportunities as well as to uphold and safeguard standards and processes you can begin to have a picture of who I am professionally. I love and insist on good research but I do see many boxes at any one time and realise that children or families may not fit in any one of them so we must create a new one. A saying that I have developed as my mantra is “don’t change for the world; change the world”.

Now it is time to get ‘profesh’ and that you learnt about my qualifications.

My life’s work has been focused on working with a diverse range of children and adolescence that have been diagnosed with any Speech, Language and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. I have extensive experience in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I embarked on this journey as a behavioural therapist as well as a Speech Pathologist for thousands of families in both public and private settings; locally and interstate. I completed my Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) and Masters of Speech Pathology at Flinders University. I began working as an Applied Behavioural/Verbal Therapist during my studies and continued to use my knowledge, applying principals to my work as a Speech Pathologist.  I have worked within the diagnostic team at Lyell McEwin Hospital, as a senior therapist and Clinic Manager at the Flinders Early Intervention Research Program as well as an independent contractor in the private practice realm. I have also written, co-ordinated and presented conferences/workshops across South Australia, for Flinders University, in Darwin, regional New South Wales and in Mildura with the aim to train professionals, students and caregivers in behavioural strategies and communication supports. I am recognised by The Autism Association of SA as able to provide diagnostic services for children, adolescents and adults suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.



Continuum-Jenna-Mel13Hi! I am one half of Continuum (the Psychologist!) with my partner in crime, Jenna.

I am originally from a small rural town (the beautiful and very sunny Mildura, Victoria) where I grew up with my wonderful Italian family. I enjoyed school and studied hard because I knew I wanted to go to University. My family called me the book worm. Straight after Year 12, I moved out of home to the big smoke of Adelaide to complete by psychology degree. I was the first person in my family to go to University and it was a big adjustment for us all! My meals changed from amazing plates of pasta, cotoletta (schnitzel) and homemade pizzas to very boring Uni student meals. I was immediately drawn to the areas of abnormal psychology and child development. In my third year I completed a placement which introduced me to young children with autism and how to teach them new skills and behaviours (known as applied behavioural analysis therapy). It was like my fate was sealed from that day and ever since different work opportunities related to ASD have literally fallen into my lap allowing me to further my knowledge, understanding and love of working with children, adolescents, adults and families on the autism spectrum. I knew pretty quickly this was the area of psychology that I wanted to make a difference in.


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I’ve now been living in Adelaide for 11 years, much to my family’s dismay who I know wish I would move back to Mildura! I have been a Registered Psychologist since 2011 with the majority of my training being in the field of ASD, and completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2014 (I celebrated the 10 years of study so far with a big cheesecake factory cake and amazing red velvet cupcakes my sister made!). I truly love the work I do, with a balance of both diagnostic assessments (recognised diagnostician in SA) and therapeutic intervention. I have worked mainly in the private sector but also spent some time with the Child Development Unit (Lyell McEwin Hospital) and the Flinders University Early Intervention Research Program. I am passionate about early intervention and have extensive experience in behavioural approaches including applied behavioural analysis therapy.

I also love working with schools to support students with an ASD and in working in the areas of social and emotional skills development. I have presented workshops in the area of ASD and behavioural therapy and love teaching others and sharing knowledge. I will always strive to be a supportive ear that listens, and to do the very best I can to make a positive difference in your journey. I am very much about not changing an individual with ASD, but supporting them in the areas that they feel are having a functional impact on them so that they can embrace and use some of the wonderful gifts ASD gives (like that amazing memory and eye for detail!).

My personal loves in life outside of work are food, except I’m not a great cook so more so when others cook for me (particularly my mum and Nonna). I also love sugar. I have an incredibly sweet tooth, the type that easily would have 4 sugars in their cup of tea. I love to keep fit and I watch Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Dairies religiously (don’t tell anyone about the latter!).